Job Brief

The field supervisor role exists across all aspects on the growing and nursery operations functions.  They will be trained in the specific skill sets related to their function e.g., nursery, planting, crop protection, maintenance, harvesting etc. Indirectly, the field operation will have a critical relationship and direct effect on commercial operations, which includes timing, quality, availability and safety.


  • To oversee a field operations team, in order that they fulfil their roles in line with the field operations manual.
  • To provide supervisory leadership to their team members. This includes adherence to health and safety, time keeping and diligent work practises as laid out in field operations manual.
  • The field supervisor will be responsible for the data recording and reporting aspects of their teams.
  • To liaise with other field supervisors to plan and complete work-plans.
  • Co-ordinate and lead a specific field team.
  • Help develop the plan and budget requirements for their activities and secure commitment from various stakeholders including the company and the local community.
  • Assist in the co-ordination of the overall field operations function ensuring alignment of activities, cost effectiveness and timely use of resources.
  • Responsibility for the accurate ordering and application of inputs such as fertiliser. Will understand actual costs versus budget, for example maintenance.
  • Responsibility for supervising their team (e.g., attendance and performance) and recording and reporting as required.


  • College (diploma) educated in a suitably related subject such as agriculture, plant science, farm management, engineering, machinery etc.
  • 5-7 years’ relevant experience. Experience of farms at scale is advantageous, and this may include either agriculture or horticulture crops.
  • Understanding of field operations and deliverables – previous experience advantageous.
  • Language skills should include those used locally as well as spoken and written English to at least an ability where to communicate adequately.
  • Computer literate as report writing / email / presentations etc will be required.
  • Good team player.
  • Current health and safety certificates.
farm supervisor

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