Why We Do It

RAW Energy will set the new standard for a truly renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral energy biomass. Our Hybrid Tropical Grass “HTG” along with specialised cultivation and production methodologies, delivers a biomass pellet that can be used as a direct feedstock for burning, and thus thermal energy production, or as an indirect source through the production of biofuels and even green hydrogen.

Our Purpose

To help create a carbon free world by accelerating the clean-energy transition, promotion of carbon trading and drive wellbeing and economic development to both industrialised economies and energy starved communities.

Our Vision

To build the most sustainable renewable energy company in the world, embracing modern technologies and enhanced production techniques to develop solid biomass, biofuels and biogas (green hydrogen), creating value for our partners and customers.

Our Mission

To become the preferred supplier of sustainably sourced genuinely renewable biomass, to serve power generation and industrial customers seeking to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels and non-sustainable biomass thereby reducing their carbon footprint.