Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Leads the farm organisation, agronomy and farm operations practices and makes
    • Recommendations based on the results of the evaluation. This includes all aspects inc. crop protection, nutrition, growth, soil, and water. The farm will follow recognized safety, health, sustainability, and environmental best practises.
  • Directs and coordinates all worker, supervisors, and management activities.
  • Is responsible for records, such as farm management practices and production results. Keeps accurate records of employee time, equipment usage, routine maintenance, and fuel usage.
  • Is responsible for all farm equipment to ensure proper functionality.  Recommends machinery, equipment and supplies necessary to operate the farm.
  • Provides direct supervision over staff to include discretionary authority to determine methods of work; plan, assign and direct the work; in coordination with human resources and corporate policy, recommend personnel actions (promotions, salary and wage adjustments, demotions, discipline, discharge, etc.); administer routine performance appraisals; and interview/select employees.  Emphasis is to be placed on maintaining staffing at the appropriate levels to operate at peak efficiency and in developing continuity in key positions.
  • Develops and maintains effective communications between Corporate Management, other employees, and any other individuals that affect the operations of the farm.
  • Provide the annual budget and expenditure for maintenance activities in line with company’s business plans and analyze and recommend cost improvement for future business plan and strategy.
  • Interactions within Malaysia and overseas, and there will also be interactions with consultants and vendors (suppliers / contractors) who support the design, fabrication, construction, installation, testing, commissioning of facilities / equipment and the subsequent operations.
  • To ensures transparency that is well documented, compliant with company process and policy are conducted and properly documented as required and ensure protection of confidential information.
  • Any other duties commensurate with the accountabilities of the post.

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