What We Do

For decades power companies around the world have resorted to woody biomass, or other by- products from agriculture and even urban waste, to help reduce their dependency on thermal coal.

RAW Energy provides a sustainable biomass crop grown on unproductive land that offers the energy potential of wood, with year-round growing in optimal locations (the tropics), with a carbon cycle measured in days, not decades, and which can be blended with coal or used as an independent direct or indirect base load feedstock for producing energy.

RAW Energy’s product is a biomass fuel that we call ‘HTG’ (Hybrid Tropical Grass), a sterile hybrid of Pennisetum Purpureum (Napier) x Pennisetum Americanum (Pearl millet).

HTG is a fast-growing high yielding C4 Energy Grass that perfectly harnesses the power of tropical photosynthesis and rainfall to provide world leading yields per hectare, and low costs per KWh or joule or gallon of biofuel.

Why We Do It

RAW Energy will set the new standard for a truly renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral energy biomass. Our Hybrid Tropical Grass “HTG” along with specialised cultivation and production methodologies, delivers a biomass pellet that can be used as a direct feedstock for burning, and thus thermal energy production, or as an indirect source through the production of biofuels and even green hydrogen.