Who We Are

RAW Energy is a sustainable renewable energy company that is made up of experts in agriculture, renewable energy, sustainable resources and commodity trading, alongside multinational partners to develop and execute sustainable biomass to energy projects ranging from pellet production, to biofuels, to green hydrogen.

Since 2011 the founders have worked in a range of geographies in Asia and South America to develop the most efficient agricultural package growing Hybrid Tropical Grass “HTG” that delivers world leading biomass yields per hectare, which in turn leads to the lowest cost energy / joules / KWh.

HTG is a first intent energy crop that we grow on unproductive marginal land, there is no food vs. energy conflict. Is a genuine alternative to wood pellets – with similar thermal and chemical characteristics – and a carbon cycle measured in days, rather than years or decades.

There is no other biomass with this blend of yield, low cost, high calories and sustainability.

What We Do

RAW Energy provides a sustainable biomass crop grown on unproductive land that offers the energy potential of wood, with a carbon cycle measured in days, not decades, and which can be blended with coal or used as an independent direct or indirect base load feedstock for producing energy.